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Mamma mia

Italian Restaurant | Conflans Saint Honorine

What the Pinsa Romana

The word comes from the Latin Pinsa "pinsere", which means, extend, expand.

The oval shape of the Pinsa Romana comes from ancient Rome or the dough was stretched, taking this characteristic shape.

La Romana Pinsa reborn in Rome in 2001 and consists of wheat flour, soy flour, rice flour and yeast.

This mixture allows a paste and increase the fermentation period to 72 hours, resulting in a highly digestible product and with little fat.

La Romana Pinsa performed according to these standards is an extremely lightweight, crisp outside and soft inside, with a taste of old bread, tasty and unique.

The Pinseria Mamma Mia, only works with the best fresh produce from the French and Italian market.

We hope, and we will do everything to make it a moment of gustatory pleasure and celebration.

Enjoy your meal…..

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